The Lotus Caves by John Christopher (1969)

lotus.jpgThe Lotus Cave is another fun and exciting science fiction novel by British author, John Christopher — author of The Tripods series!

Steve and Marty live with their parents in a colony on the moon inside a massive dome.  One day they decide to skip school to escape the monotony.  But when their lunar vehicle crashes, they discover a previously unknown subterranean cave.  This mysterious cave contains exotic plants and a man who disappeared from their colony over 100 years ago!  What is going on??  And can they ever leave??

John Christopher’s novels are just FUN!  Not only does he create interesting scenarios and characters, but you’ll enjoy seeing which of his “futuristic” ideas imagined in the 1960’s exist (or not) 50 years after he published them.

Middle Grade Reading Level, 288 pages, Science Fiction, Published in 1969.


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