Strawberry Girl and the Regional Series by Lois Lenski (1943 – 1968)

Lois Lenski wrote her Regional Series of children’s novels based on life in diverse areas of the United States.  This series was extremely popular with children who anticipated each new title for over 20 years!   Strawberry Girl, which won the Newbery Medal in 1946, is the best known.  I’ve listed the other titles here in case your library has them or you run across one in a used book store or your grandmother’s basement!

These 17 novels can be read in any order.

straw.jpgStrawberry Girl  Birdie’s family has just moved to the Florida backwoods.  Life seems almost too perfect with plenty of land, sun and strawberries!  Until Birdie’s family realizes their new neighbors are determined to start a fight!  Middle Grade Reading Level, 208 pages, Newbery Medal Winner, Published in 1945.  




bayou.jpgBayou Suzette Suzette’s father is gravely ill and she hunts and fishes in the bayou to keep her family alive.  Middle Grade Reading Level, 194 pages, published in 1943.  




blue.jpgBlue Ridge Billy Billy loves life in the Blue Ridge region — both the hard work and the beautiful mountains.  Middle Grade Reading Level, 226, pages, Published in 1946.  




judy.jpgJudy’s Journey  Judy’s migrant working family moves from Florida all the way to New Jersey to find work.  Will they ever be able to find a stable home of their own?  Middle Grade Reading Level, 222 pages, published in 1947.   




boom.jpgBoom Town Boy Will Orvie’s family discover oil beneath their dry and heavily mortgaged farm in Oklahoma?  And if they do, will their problems really be solved?  Middle Grade Reading Level, 192 pages, Published in 1948.  




cotton.jpgCotton in My Sack Joanda’s family are sharecroppers in the South.  Middle Grade Reading Level, 191 pages, Published in 1949. 





texas.jpgTexas Tomboy Charlie loves life on her family’s Texas farm.  But can they survive the continued droughts in their part of the country?  Middle Grade Reading, 212 pages, Published in 1950.  




prairie.jpgPrairie School  Delores and her school teacher are snowed in at their school in South Dakota.  What happens when Delores get sick?  Can her teacher help her get the medical care she needs?  Middle Grade Reading, 228 pages, Published in 1951.  




mama.jpgMama Hattie’s Girl Can an African American family find happiness or success when they move from the South to the North?  Middle Grade Reading Level, 180 pages, Published in 1953.  




corn.jpgCorn-Farm Boy Dick wants to quit school and work on his dad’s farm.  Middle School Reading Level, 180 pages, Published in 1954. 





boy.jpgSan Francisco Boy   Felix Fong’s family is new to San Francisco.  His siblings love the city from day one, but it takes Felix longer to call it home.  Middle Grade Reading Level, 186 pages, Published in 1955. 




flood.jpgFlood Friday Sally’s neighborhood has to band together as their homes are flooded and they all face the possibility of losing everything they own.  Based on the Connecticut floods of 1955.  Middle Grade Reading Level, 114 pages, Published in 1956.




house.jpgHouseboat Girl   What would it be like to live on a Mississippi River houseboat?  Come find out with Patsy’s family!  Middle Grade Reading Level, 204 pages, Published in 1957.  




coal.jpgCoal Camp Girl Christina’s father has been a coal miner for nearly 40 years.  What is life like for a girl growing up in a coal camp?  What are the dangers for her father and his fellow workers?  Middle Grade Reading Level, 175 pages, Published in 1959.  




shoo.jpgShoo-Fly Girl  Can an Amish family be friends with a non-Amish family?  This is a very sweet and eye-opening novel.  Middle Grade Reading Level, 176 pages, Published in 1963.  




log.jpgTo be a Logger What would it be like to grow up in a logging camp?  Middle Grade Reading Level, 174 pages, Published in 1967. 




deer v.jpg  Deer Valley Girl   After a three generation feud, can two Vermont families find peace again?  Middle Grade Reading Level, 145 pages, Published in 1968.  




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