Tales from Dimwood Forest series by Avi (1995 – 2009)

Avi (Edward Wortis) is one of the most prolific children’s authors of our time.  So far he’s published more than 70 books, won the Newbery Medal and received the Newbery Honor Award twice.  His Tales from Dimwood Forest are some of his very best!

poppy.jpgPoppy  Ocax the owl terrorizes the mice of Dimwood Forest, even killing Ragweed on the night he proposes to Poppy.  Although heartbroken, Poppy is determined to overthrow Ocax by capitalizing on his secret fear.   Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 176 pages, published in 1995




rye.jpgPoppy and Rye Poppy and her new porcupine friend Ereth travel across the forest to bring the sad news of Ragweed’s death to his family.  They discover Ragweed’s family in peril and risk everything to save them.  And just possibly Poppy finds love again!  Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 208 pages, Published in 1997.  




ragweed.jpgRagweed This prequel to the Dimwood Forest series follows Ragweed’s exciting adventures before meeting Poppy.  Can be read first.  Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 208 pages, Published in 1999.





ereth.jpgEreth’s Birthday Ereth feels he’s been forgotten by his closets friends on his birthday, so he decides to celebrate alone by finding the salt deep in Dimwood Forest.  But his special day turns out much differently than he ever anticipated!  Middle Grade Reading Level, 192 pages, Published in 2000.




return.jpgPoppy’s Return Poppy’s parents and siblings are in dire trouble and need Poppy to come home and save them!  Poppy brings her rebellious son, Junior, with her, along with his skunk friend and Poppy’s dear pal, Ereth.  What kind of danger and adventures will they encounter as they rescue those they love?  Middle Grade Reading Level, 256 pages, Published in 2005. 




ere.jpgPoppy and Ereth  Poor Poppy is swooped up by a bat and Ereth assumes she’s dead!  While Ereth plans the best funeral ever, Poppy plans her escape from the terrifying bats!  Middle Grade Reading Level, 224 pages, Published in 2009.  

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  1. Lovely! I’ve never heard of these! So many good books, so little time!


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