Fog Magic by Julia L. Sauer (1943)

fog magic.jpgFog Magic was a Newbery Honor book in 1944, and is counted by many as their favorite book from childhood.  Fantasy, imagination, history, and even a tiny bit of innocent romance — this book has it all.  It is sometimes compared to the film Brigadoon.

Little Valley is a small fishing village on the Nova Scotia coast.  While the townsfolk fear the fog for the danger it poses to the fishermen, it inexplicably delights little Greta Addington.  She loves the fog like most children love a first snow: “the fog always seemed to her like a magic wall.  You stepped through and walked until your own familiar house was gone.  And then, sometime, something strange and wonderful would happen.  She was sure of it.

One day, while searching for the family cow in a dense fog, she discovers “a house where no house stood!”   One sighting leads to another and suddenly she’s entered another time in a neighboring village that no longer exists.  Greta comes to love the people she meets in Blue Cove, but she also wonders why she is the only one who knows they exist, and how her involvement in their lives might change the future.

This charming and mysterious, time travel tale is a real page turner!

Middle Grade Reading Level, 107 pages, Published in 1943.  

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