Tales of Magic series by Edward Eager (1954 – 1962)

Here’s another father who decided to write books for his children, and then shared them with the world!  Edward Eager was a playwright turned children’s author when he couldn’t find enough good books to read to his son.  His own favorite children’s author was E. Nesbit, who wrote novels at the turn of the 20th century about ordinary children who stumble upon real magic.  You’ll see that The Tales of Magic series follows E. Nesbit’s lead — in fact Mr. Eager mentions her in every book — hoping to keep her works alive for another generation of young readers.

half magic.jpgHalf Magic  Four siblings discover an ancient coin that grants any wish. It takes awhile for the children to realize they’re  only receiving HALF of what they wish for!   That small detail places them into some pretty dangerous and amusing situations!

Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 224 pages, Published in 1954.




knights magic.jpgKnights Castle The children of the original four siblings in Half Magic find themselves together for an extended period of time — a circumstance they are ALL unhappy about.  But then magical things begin to happen and they are transported back to the days of chivalry and Robin Hood!  Can they learn to work together and change the course of history??

Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 224 pages, Published in 1956.



lake.jpgMagic By the Lake is the sequel to the original book, Half Magic.  The four siblings, Katherine, Mark, Jane and Martha are back, but this time they find a magical lake.  They discover mermaids, a magical turtle and even a cave of wonders!

Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 224 pages, Published in 1957.




time.jpgThe Time Garden ties together the characters of Knight’s Castle and one of the exciting adventures in Magic by the Lake.  This story of magical herbs and “thyme travel” is so fun!

Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 224 pages, Published in 1958.





Magic or Not?  introduces 4 brand new children: Laura, James, Kip and Lydia.  They are new neighbors who discover a wishing well in the yard.  The four use their wishes to solve mysteries and help an elderly friend.  So, is it the wishing well that makes the magic, or something else??

Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 224 pages, Published in 1959.




well.jpgThe Well-Wishers is the sequel to Magic or Not?  The wishing well seems to have stopped working.  Is this the end of their adventures??  Of course, not!  More non-stop mysteries and surprises for these four good friends.

Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 240 pages, Published in 1960.





Seven Day Magic, bring us 5 brand new characters.   Susan checks out a book from the library only to discover it contains her own her life and her interactions with 4 friends: Barnaby, John, Abbie and Fredericka.  But after today’s events, the book is empty!  It seems the book is waiting for the adventures that are ahead for these 5 lucky children.  If you’re a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, this novel has some special moments for you!

Early Middle Grade Reading Level, 224 pages, Published in 1962.  








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