The Liza, Bill and Jed Mysteries by Peggy Parish (1966 – 1986)

You probably know the author Peggy Parish best for her beloved Amelia Bedelia series.  But she also wrote a great little series of mysteries involving by three (polite and well-behaved!!) siblings, Liza, Bill and Jed.  These easy-read mysteries will keep your kids engaged as they follow the clues to each satisfying solution!

Peggy Parish is another elementary school teacher turned children’s author.  When you’ve spent fifteen years teaching 3rd grade, you know what students like!

key.jpgKey to the Treasure (1966), 160 pages.  A visit to their grandparents turns out to be more than these siblings bargained for!  Can three young children solve a mystery that has stumped adults for more than a century?




woods.jpgClues in the Woods (1968), 160 pages.  Household items begin to disappear (including their puppy!) and then Liza, Bill and Jed read in the newspaper about some runaway children.  Can these  be related?   Another trip to the their grandparents turns into a full-blown mystery.




haunted.jpgThe Haunted House (1971), 160 pages.  Liza, Bill and Jed’s family is moving — into a haunted house!  OH NO!  Can they use their wits, with the help of their parents, to figure out all the mysterious things that are happening in their new home??




pirate.jpgPirate Island Adventure (1975), 176 pages.  Liza, Bill and Jed are visiting their grandparents again for the summer, but this time they’ll all be stay on Pirate Island!  Many adventures and clues await them as they solve another family mystery!  (And they first meet Hermit Dan!)




dan.jpgThe Mystery of Hermit Dan (1977), 160 pages.  Liza, Bill and Jed adventures on Pirate Island continue, and they’re more intrigued by Hermit Dan every time they see him.  What secrets lie in his past?  And could he own a buried treasure?




cougar.jpgThe Ghosts of Cougar Island (1986), 144 pages.  Summer on Pirate Island isn’t over yet!  But Liza, Bill and Jed and have discovered Cougar Island, a lonely island nearby with secrets all its own.  They just can’t resist exploring!  Locals say the island is haunted.  Can that be true?




Advanced Early Grade Reading Level, 150+ pages each volume, Published 1966 – 1986.

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