The Mushroom Planet series by Eleanor Cameron (1954 – 1967)

Wanted:  A small spaceship about eight feet long, built by a boy, or by two boys, between the ages of eight and eleven.  The ship should be sturdy and well made, and should be of materials found at hand.  Nothing need be bought.  No adult should be consulted as to its plan or method of construction.  An adventure and a chance to do a good deed await the boys who build the best space ship.  Please bring your ship as soon as possible to Mr. Tyco M. Bass, 5 Thallo Street, Pacific Grove, California.

Did you read The Mushroom Planet Series when you were young??  They’ve become somewhat of a cult classic!  My family owned the first two books when I was little.  I remember my older siblings loving them!  Years later, I purchased them for my kids and they were a hit!  The stories are quite preposterous, but you’ll get a kick out of these old-time science fiction stories.

I didn’t know there were more than two books until writing this post!  The last four books are out of print, and are terribly expensive from third parties, but you never know whose library or grandmother might have them stashed away!

The first two books have recently been re-published with new illustrations by Kevin Hawkes, who happens to be the father of my youngest daughter’s good friend!  That was a fun discovery!

planet 1.jpgThe Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (1954) — 226 pages.  David and Chuck build a spaceship out of scrap wood and metal and with the help of the mysterious Mr. Bass, fly to Earth’s undiscovered moon, Basidium  — the Mushroom Planet.  They discover a small planet covered by moss and mushrooms and populated by green-skinned people who are dying of a mysterious disease.  Can two young boys save this new world??



planet2.jpgStowaway to the Mushroom Planet (1956) — 209 pages.  Lots more fun for David and Chuck on a 2nd adventure to the Mushroom Planet, but this time with an unwanted fellow-traveler who wants to exploit Basidium for the “good of science.”




planetoid.jpgMr. Bass’s Planetoid (1958) — 200+ pages.  Out of print.  Earth is in peril and the super-smart Mr. Bass — who possibly has a solution —  is nowhere to be found.  Can David and Chuck find him before its too late??






A Mystery for Mr. Bass (1960) — 229 pages.  Out of print.      500,000 million year old fossils and an illness send David and Chuck back to the Mushroom Planet.  Can they finally discover the ancient connection between Basidium and Earth?





Jewels from the Moon and the Meteor that Couldn’t Stay (1964) — 64 pages.  Out of print.  Two short stories based on the original Mushroom Planet characters.  These stories were written as part of a school curriculum.



time and.jpg


Time and Mr. Bass (1967) — Out of print.  An ancient scroll written in an unknown language holds the key to saving the people of the Mushroom Planet.  Can David and Chuck help Mr. Bass in this last crisis, before it’s too late?



Middle Grade Reading Level, each volume 200+ pages, Science Fiction, 1967.

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