Old Bear Picture Book Series by Jane Hissey (1986 – 2016)

Have you ever walked into the children’s section of the library and just wanted to cry?

Old Bear.jpgYou made the effort to load your children into the car and drove them to the library, but now you’re faced with THOUSANDS of picture books on those darling low shelves and you have no idea which ones are magical and which ones are real dogs.  Either way you’ll be reading your choices over and over and over again in the coming week.

I discovered Jane Hissey at just such a moment back in the 1990s.  Her gorgeous, almost life-like illustrations caught my eye and I gave her a chance.  Her books turned out to be magical!  I haven’t read all of her dozen plus picture books, but the many I have read are sweet and charming.  Old Bear is based on the teddy bear she received from her grandmother as a little girl, and who was her constant playmate growing up.

Old Bear and his nursery companions, Bramwell Brown, Jolly Tall the giraffe, Little Bear, Hoot the Owl, Duck . . .have many darling adventures together that you and your children will enjoy.  Many of the plots are VERY clever.  Little Bear’s Trousers is probably my favorite.

The Old Bear picture books are about 30 pages long — unless they’re a collection — and they tend to be a bit heavy on the text.  Happily they can be put aside and finished later, if you’re short on time.  Check your library shelves to see which Jane Hissey books they have in their collection.

Old Bear – 1986

Little Bear’s Trousers – 1987

Little Bear Lost – 1989

Jolly Tall – 1990

Jolly Snow – 1991

Old Bear and His Friends – 1991

Ruff – 1994

Hoot – 1996

Little Bear’s Dragon & Other Stories (80 pages) – 1999


Old Bear’s Surprise Painting – 2001

Ruby, Blue and Blanket – 2013

Ruby and the Naughty Cats – 2014

Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories (160 pages) – 2015

Happy Birthday, Old Bear – 2016

Picture Books, 30+ pages each volume, Published 1986 – 2016.




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