The Dragon of Lonely Island by Rebecca Rupp (1998)

dragon 1.jpgThere was a sudden shifting sound from the back of the cave, a heavy sandpapery scraping noise.  Then there came a soft hiss in the darkness — the sound of a lighted blowtorch, thought Zachary — and a red-and-yellow flare of flame.  The interior of the cave leaped into light.  Before the children’s astonished eyes, a vast expanse of gold flashed and glittered.  There before them lay a long reptilian body, curled comfortably on the cave floor, with a coiled golden tail, ending in a flat, arrowhead-shaped point.  Two eyes — sharp slits of jade green — glared at them out of the darkness.

“It’s called Drake’s Hill, young man,” said a deep, raspy voice, “because ‘drake’ is an ancient and honorable name for ‘dragon.  The hill is named after ME.”

Three siblings, a secluded island off the coast of Maine, a Victorian mansion, a secret cave, and a dragon with three heads — who each have a story to tell!  What more could you ask for??  How about a sequel:  The Return of the Dragon, 160 pages (2005). dragon 2.jpg

These books are neither scary nor high action fantasy, but they are well-written and interesting for young middle grade students.

Middle Grade reading level, 160 – 192 pages, published in 1998 & 2005. 

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