My Favorite Early Chapter Books: Oliver and Amanda Pig series by Jean Van Leeuwen (1979 – 2008)

Amanda.jpgThese 20 early reader chapter books about Oliver and Amanda Pig are my very favorite!  I discovered them by chance at our tiny Wisconsin library in 1988, and have been reading them to my children — and now grandchildren — ever since!  The interactions between Oliver and Amanda, Mother, Father and Grandmother are sweet and believable.  Oliver, the older brother, can sometimes be a bit bossy, Amanda is sometimes afraid or just simply too little to play the games her big brother wants to play, but they work it out and Mother or Father are always somewhere near with wise counsel.  The holiday books (Christmas and Halloween) are particularly good!  The illustrations by Ann Schweninger add so much to the darling stories.  All of the books contain several short, large-print chapters,although each chapter can also be a stand alone story.  These are wonderful stories about a good family who works to establish unity and love as they face everyday events.  Perfect for reading aloud to children starting about age 3.

Tales of Oliver Pig (1979)

More Tales of Oliver Pig (1981)

Amanda Pig and Her Big Brother Oliver (1982)

Tales of Amanda Pig (1983)

More Tales of Amanda Pig (1985)

Oliver, Amanda, and Grandmother Pig (1987)

Oliver and Amanda’s Christmas (1989)

Oliver Pig at School (1990)

Amanda Pig on Her Own (1991)

Oliver and Amanda’s Halloween (1992)

Oliver and Amanda and the Big Snow (1995)

Amanda Pig, Schoolgirl (1997)

Amanda Pig and Her Best Friend Lollipop (1998)

Oliver and Albert, Friends Forever (2000)

Amanda Pig and The Awful Scary Monster (2003)

Oliver the Mighty Pig (2004)

Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day (2005)

Oliver Pig and the Best Fort Ever (2006)

Amanda Pig, First Grader (2007)

Amanda Pig and the Wiggly Tooth (2008)

Early grade reading level, each volume about 50 pages, published from 1979 – 2008.

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