The Wonderful Winter by Marchette Chute (1954)

Sir Robert (Robin) Wakefield lives the privileged life of an aristocratic twelve year old in 16th century England.  But as fancy as that sounds, it mostly means he spends hours and hours with a boring tutor learning Latin, and being watched by his three aunts who have nothing to do but make sure he’s behaving.

winter.jpgOne day Robin finds a puppy.   When his aunt refuses to let him keep it, Robin decides to run away to London.  Of course.  And since this book is FICTION. . .running away to London turns out to be a fantastic idea.  After a difficult time getting to London and looking for work and a place to live, he meets up with John Heminges — one of the owners of the Globe Theater.  During the winter of 1596-97, Robin becomes immersed in the life of William Shakespeare and the interesting actors who perform his brand new plays.

Turns out Marchette Chute was a Shakespeare scholar, having written several books about William Shakespeare, including Shakespeare of London published in 1949.  You’ll learn a TON in The Wonderful Winter about England in the 1500’s, the life of an actor and especially William Shakespeare.   And since Mrs. Chute is a great story-teller, you’ll enjoy every minute.

Middle Grade Reading Level, 256 pages, Historical Fiction, Published in 1954.

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