Dorrie, the Little Witch Series by Patricia Coombs (1962 – 1992)

“This is Dorrie.  She is a witch.  A little witch.  Her hat is always on crooked.  Sometimes her shoes are on the wrong feet.  Sometimes she has on one pink sock and one blue striped sock.  Sometimes she can’t find any socks at all.”

Does Dorrie, the Little Witch sound like a someone you might know?  Dorrie.jpg

Dorrie and her trusty cat Gink, often try to use her magic to help with practical things, like cleaning her room, changing the weather for a picnic, or helping everyone have happy dreams at night — but something always goes wrong!  She’s a bit like Amelia Bedelia, if you’ve already met her in your reading adventures.  And just like Amelia, things happily work out right in the end!

There are TWENTY books about Dorrie, the Little Witch.  Check them out!  Each book is about 50 pages long and has darling, black and white illustrations.



Dorrie’s Magic,  (1962)

Dorrie and the Blue Witch,  (1964)

Dorrie’s Play,  (1965)

Dorrie and the Weather Box (1966)

Dorrie and the Witch Doctor (1967)

Dorrie and the Wizard’s Spell (1968)

Dorrie and Haunted House (1970)

Dorrie and the Birthday Eggs (1971)

Dorrie and the Goblin (1972)

Dorrie and the Fortune Teller (1973)

Dorrie and the Amazing Magic Elixir (1974)

Dorrie and Witch’s Imp (1975)

Dorrie and the Halloween Plot (1976)

Dorrie and the Dreamyard Monsters (1977)

Dorrie and the Screebit Ghost (1979)

Dorrie and the Witchville Fair (1980)

Dorrie and the Witches Camp (1983)

Dorrie and the Museum Case (1986)

Dorrie and the Pin Witch (1989)

Dorrie and the Haunted Schoolhouse (1992)

Early Grades Reading Level, 50+ pages, Halloween, Published from 1962 – 1992.


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1 Response to Dorrie, the Little Witch Series by Patricia Coombs (1962 – 1992)

  1. Angie says:

    I absolutely adored these books as a girl.


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