The Merlin Saga, Merlin’s Dragon Trilogy, The Great Tree of Avalon Trilogy & The Book of Magic (Books 1 – 12) by T.A. Barron (1996 – 2011)

Merlin.jpgThe Merlin Saga begins when a young boy named Emrys finds himself and a beautiful woman washed up on a lonely beach.  From the moment he regains consciousness on the wet sand their lives are in danger.  Through brute strength, cunning and glimmers of previously unimagined mystical powers he keeps himself and her alive.  Emrys has no memory of his past and no clue what the future holds.  Little does he know that he will one day be the greatest magician the mystical world has ever known. . .The Great Merlin!

My kids raced through these books, one after another after another.  Many were re-read multiple times.  The final books in the series were not yet written when my children were young, but I’m confident they are a good conclusion to this captivating series.

If you have a voracious reader in your home, you know what a coup it is to discover a well-written book series — and here is one with TWELVE titles!

T. A. Barron is an interesting guy.  He grew up in Massachusetts and Colorado, studied history at Princeton, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and holds both law and business degrees from Harvard.  He was the president of a private equity firm in New York City before retiring in his early 40’s to pursue a writing career back in his home state of Colorado.  That decision appears to have panned out.

The Merlin Saga:  The Lost Years, The Seven Songs, The Raging Fires, The Mirror of Fate, A Wizard’s Wings

Merlin’s Dragon Trilogy: The Dragon of Avalon, Doomraga’s Revenge, Ultimate Magic

The Great Tree of Avalon Trilogy:  The Great Tree of Avalon, Shadows on the Stars, The Eternal Flame

Merlin: The Book of Magic

Middle to High School Reading Levels, Each Volume is 300+ pages, Fantasy, Merlin Myth, Boys, Published 1996 – 2011

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